2011 Summer Check out time is 10 am to allow more time for cleaning
 June 2011, another perfect well water test, ASHAK water is safe to drink
The water has always tested clean and safe to drink
ZERO coliforms, for every water test
Wireless i-net at our house & Satellite tv in the shaks
The Bay of Fundy received (fall of 2007) UNESCO designation
As a very special place,  The Bay of Fundy Bioshphere
March  2010
It is really hard to keep this up to date in the busy summer, or in our lazy winters
SHORT FLAT easy woodland trails
one trail features some surprise child friendly structures
New Cell phone towers have been installed in this area, but reception here in Dennis Beach is still sporadic. Some calls bounce across the bay to Nova Scotia.
Wireless Internet connection, a few steps through the woods, at our house.
call soon to make your reservation
1800 560-1055
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